The traveling field MHD-pump is designed for pumping liquid metals such as liquid magnesium and its alloys, sodium, potassium and other metals with similar properties. It is capable of generating head pressures up to 0.5 atmospheres and offers the highest throughput of 7 tons of liquid magnesium per hour. A three-phase electrical supply is used to power the pump. The pump channel should be replaced periodically as it corrodes in liquid magnesium. The channel has a simple design and very low production cost, and its replacement can be realized by one operator. The pump is an easy-to-control device, and its design is protected by the RF patent.

The pump was tested using a special gallium circuit. The pressure drop-flow rate characteristics of the pump were obtained at different values of a single-phase electrical current. Today we are ready to produce traveling field MHD-pumps conforming to customer requirements at the manufacturing facilities of our Institute.

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