Ready–for–service designs for metallurgical industry

    The traveling field MHD-pump is designed for pumping liquid metals such as liquid magnesium and its alloys, sodium, potassium and other metals with similar properties. It is capable of generating head pressures up to
    The magnetohydrodynamic pump transfers liquid metal under the action of electromagnetic forces generated specifically in the metal, and therefore it needs no moving parts, does not mix the metal with bottom sediments, and pumps
  • Submersible MHD-pump for liquid magnesium
    The submersible MHD-pump is designed for pumping liquid metals such as liquid magnesium and its alloys, sodium, potassium and other metals with similar properties. The pump develops head pressures up to 2 atm and

MHD–stirrer for aluminum or aluminum alloy ingot continuous casting

Unlike conventional casting, continuous casting in the presence of MHD-stirring

  1. improves the crystalline structure;
  2. distributes uniformly impurities and alloy additives;
  3. improves the surface quality of ingots.

The MHD–stirrer of our design has some advantages over the existing stirrers:

  1. It ensures both horizontal and vertical stirring of metal and individual control over the intensity of these stirring modes. The shape of the crystalline front and the crystalline structure size can be controlled by this stirrer device as well.
  2. The stirrer is a watertight device, and its body withstands the ingress of liquid aluminum in emergency situations.
  3. The characteristics of the MHD-stirrer are superior to those of similar devices.

The MHD–stirrers of our design have been produced for the pilot-scale production of the All-Russian aluminum-magnesium Institute (St.Petersburg, Russia), where they have been successfully used since 1994, as well as for Kamesk-Uralsk metallurgical works (Russia), the Hydrodynamic Research Center (Rossendorf, Germany), and the CIDAUT Foundation (Valladolid, Spain). The stirrers are also suited for use in continuous casting at the United Company RUSAL.
The stirrer is an easy-to-control device, and its design is protected by the RF Patent.

High-pressure MHD-pump

The high pressure MHD–pump designed at the Institute in late 1980s is intended for generating pressure of 1000—2000 atmospheres in liquid metals. Due to its low-inertia, the pump can be used in time-controlled high pressure systems, such as, for instance, hydraulic cylinders in the rollers of the mill fabricating thin sheets from steel, aluminum and other metals. The pump is also suited for pressure generation in hydrostats used in the manufacture of elements from composites and powders under high pressure.

In early 1990s, such works were performed together with Mashinostroitel Perm plant, but due to the problems of perestroika they were terminated. The pilot models of these pumps that develop pressure (head) ranging from 100 to 1100 atmospheres have been manufactured at the Institute. The design of this pump is protected by the RF patent.

Today we are ready to improve (whether there are customers and adequate financial support) the pump design and to produce pilot models at our Institute as well as to perform laboratory and field tests at the production facilities of the customer in order to manufacture a device that conforms to customer expectations.